Many processes are enhanced by the successful application of fluidization which, compared to other processes, offers improved gas-solids contact, near isothermal conditions, and improved heat and mass transfer. The engineering staff at FBT have an average of over 25 years of experience in the field of fluidization.

Typical applications/processes where fluidization should be considered include:

• adsorption
• catalytic reactions
• calcination
• coating
• combustion
• desorption
• drying
• gasification
• heat transfer
• ore roasting

FBT experience includes:

• wide selection of fluidized materials
• fluidization regimes from low velocity bubbling beds to high velocity circulating beds
• wide size range of materials
• cold and hot fluidization laboratory testing

FBT can provide the engineering expertise to meet your fluidization process design needs. We can provide the required engineering to support all the interfaces needed for the fluidization process, including feed and disposal systems, recycle systems, heating/cooling systems, particulate filtering, instrumentation and controls, etc.


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